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Why hiring a freelance digital marketer is a complete 'no-brainer'

Still on the fence about hiring freelance marketing help? By the end of this blog post you won't be!

It's no secret that since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the number of people working freelance has increased, with over 2 million people recorded as freelance professionals in 2021. Of these, the most in-demand freelancers have been those working within the technology and digital marketing space.

The benefits of hiring freelance for your business are huge, but if you're still unsure what value a freelancer might bring to your business, here are 10 reasons why it should be a 'no-brainer'.


Get top talent without the cost

Regardless of whether you're working as a small start-up, or as an established organisation, hiring in-house employees is expensive and time-consuming. Calculations have shown that the cost of recruiting can be between 1.5 and 3 times that of the employee's salary. Agencies charge high fees for contract staff or those on long retainers, and if you decide to try and bring them over full time, let's not even mention the cost of buying them out of their temp contract!

Freelance marketing professionals like myself, have the skills and experience you need, the passion and drive to propel your businesses forward, and have been around the block for other organisations enough to know what good looks like. We're usually considered fairly senior in our sector and depending on who you decide to work with, have specialisms which would be hard to come by for many businesses with smaller budgets.

We tend to charge a lot less than you would pay to get someone in full time because we can work for multiple clients at once, we work from home or co-working spaces so you don't need to factor in office space, and most of us don't expect the extra perks of full-time employees (holiday pay, sick pay, pension).

Benefit from diverse experiences

Because freelancers work with multiple clients, we have the benefit of having seen how things work for lots of different types of businesses and sectors.

This means we have usually tested a lot of theories and methods and have a pretty good idea of whether or not your business would benefit from one marketing tactic or another.

We can bring a wealth of knowledge related to the marketing approaches of others and test and learn with theories that you may not have considered relevant.

Help without the commitment

Maybe you're a small business that is just dipping its toe in the water when it comes to marketing or a more established business that has had a flurry of work meaning your existing team is inundated.

Hiring a freelancer means you can get expert help for a particular project, establish your strategy, or just consult on what might work, without needing to buy into staff or an agency that tends to have longer-term contracts.

You can hire a freelancer on a retainer over a period of time, or just to get a project out the door, this is part of why we do what we do, as it allows us to experience a different task and challenge every day!

Stop doing the bits of your business that you aren't passionate about or comfortable with

As a business owner, you may not always have the time, expertise, or passion to work on your own marketing. You would technically be trying to be two people running the day-to-day, coming up with new ideas and then also managing social media, sending email comms, etc yourself!

By hiring freelancers you would be able to create more time to focus on your business and high-level tasks that require your full attention.


Convinced you want to explore freelance marketing help?

If you're looking to grow your business through digital marketing but aren't sure where to start or don't have the resource to dedicate, get in touch with me to discuss your requirements and see how I can help.

Text: 07507070032

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